Biography of Reikhet Peter

Peter Reikhet was born in 1953 in Odessa, Ukraine.

1971-1977 - studied at theAcademyof Fine Art named after I. E. Repine,
St. Petersburg, Russia St. Petersburg, Russia
1976-1987 - member of 3 arctic expeditions to Franz Joseph Land,
North Land Land, and Bennett Island
Since 1980 - member of Russian Artists Association
Union Since 1984 - member of the Geographic Society of Russia
Since 2002 - member of the International Artist Federation

Works are in the following museum collections:

- The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
- Collection of the Ministry of Culture, Moscow, Russia
- St. Petersburg History Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
- Arctic and Antarctic Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
- Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia
- Fine Arts Museum, Arkhangelsk, Russia
- Arkhangelsk Regional Museum, Arkhangelsk Russia
- State Art Gallery, Vologda, Russia
- Novgorod Museum of Art, Novgorod the Great, Russia
- Grenen Museum of Modern Art, Grenen, Skagen, Denmark
- Museum of Contemporary Russian Art in Exile, Jersey City NJ, United States

Works are in the following private collections:

Denmark : Collection of the Royal Family, Mads Friis, Per Anders, Helle Dalgaard, Kristian Kaer
Germany : Kurt Dechler, Eugen Faas, Gunter Gtaubits
Estonia : Victor Smeritchevski
Russia : Nikolai Blagodatov, Dubrovich
And others in Canada, Finland, Japan, France, Britain, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Norway, and USA

Personal Exhibitions:

2005 - Knud Grothe Charlottenlund Art Gallery , Copenhagen , Denmark
- International Federation of Artists (IFA) St. Petersburg, Russia
- Beniksgaard Gallery, Graasten, Denmark
2004 - Gallery Mailletz, Paris , France
- Beijing, China
2003 - Diaghilev Center , St. Petersburg, Russia
2002 - Palitra Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2000 - Palitra Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2001 - Venemaa Kultuurfondi, Allinn, Estonia
1999 - Iconolatry, Aalborg, Denmark
- Palitra Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
1998 - Artist Union of Russia , St. Petersburg, Russia
- Erotic Icons. Korn Gallery, Graasten Denmark
1997 - Palitra Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
1996 - The last whale, Central Library of Karlsruhe,
1995 - Paintings and Sculpture, Banegaarden Aabenraa, Denmark
1993 - Bluff, Palitra Gallery, St. Petersburg Russia
1992 - Wardrobe, St. Petersburg, Russia
1991 - Grenen Museum of Modern Art, Skagen, Denmark
- Gallery 10/10, Saint Petersburg, Russia
1990 - Volvo Corporation Exhibition Hall, Goteborg, Sweden
1989 - The last whale, Traveling exhibit hall in the shape of a whale, 35 meters long.
Helsinki (Finland), Aarhus (Denmark), Goteborg , Stockholm (Sweden),
Leningrad , Moscow (USSR)
1988 - Great Exhibit Hall – City of Arkhangelsk , Arkhangelsk USSR
­- Bestiary: The Last Whale, Russian Artists Union, Leningrad USSR
1987 - Bennett Island , Russian Artists Union, Leningrad USSR
1986 - Youth Magazine, Moscow USSR
1976 - Franz Joseph Land, Exhibit hall at the Academy of Fine Arts , Leningrad, USSR